Still Alive!

Hey guys!

Just a quick one to let you know I am still alive. I have been super busy over the past couple of months with buying property, full time job and a lot of game dev on “Project Winter” going on.

I have been dabbling with various technologies and solutions, trying to find the best solution for projects in the future. What I have summed up is unless you have ateam of 1000 odd people, it is dumb to build your own engine, however at the same time never expect what comes out of the box is going to work for you and invest in tools to make the platform you are working on work for you in the right way. In other words, although I have realised I can still do my C++ and MonoGame recently, I will be mostly sticking with Unity. Why? Although I tried Unreal and Cryengine briefly, I find Unity still to be the friendliest tool so far. Most of my time now is going to be spent making my game with my mates (and work of course) but also building on top of Unity and solving problems that we come across everyday.

My end goal is to have a really sweet set of reusable tools and techniques that can be taken across a variety of projects and may be one day build something as ambitous as FFXV in Unity (ambitous and a bit riodiculous I know, but hey, one can dream).

Speaking of which… check out the cool Base Battle Footage again:



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