2018 was alright!

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God I love liberating random google images to use for my blog posts. Especially when they came from some random marketing place. Anyway it is that time of year again! 2018! I know it is not quite over yet but I am sitting here putting off writing store copy, making trailers and taking screenshots of Storm Ship Shiro as I release it for the LAST time.

So what has happenned in 2018? Well quite a lot, but I will sum it up!

Released a console game!

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This has always been a goal for me as a game dev and we released Fable Fortune this year. I am super proud of it and it is great what it has done for both Mediatonic and myself. Although in my full-time job I have gone back to more “traditional” mobile dev at the moment, I am super glad I got to do this. Pretty old picture from 2017, but yeah it was the only one I could find!

Watched one of my best friends get married! 

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This was pretty awesome considering he was the first one out of my longtime friendship group!

We went on a cracking stag do that myself and another of the best men organise to Wales. We got smashed, went to Zipworld, went white water rafting. It was pretty baller. Then a few months later we all went down to the countryside and watched the happy couple get married. It was a cracking day.

Here is a picture of me regretting my life choices when I said I was alright doing zip wires in caves on the stag do:

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Released my own games through my own real-life company

Yeah, this was pretty sweet. I had a couple of my own games I wanted to put on some stores and I had been talking about doing this for ages. SO one weekend I just did it. Cool huh? I have self-published games up on itch, Kongregate and Google Play. This is only the start. This was very much a year of release all the “starter projects” or “first games”. Next year I am excited for the next wave of games I have planned and set the quality bar much much higher. This will probably mean longer development times, but whatever. I would rather make super cool high-quality stuff and upgrade from the games we have released in 2018.

Went on holiday by my Han-Solo

Map of the route for Thailand on a Shoestring

So, unfortunately, one of my grannys passed, however she left me a bit of cash. I decided I should not squirrel it away, but instead do something meaningful. I booked a G-Adventures tour around Thailand and travelled the country for 2 weeks with some amazing people. This was really important for me. Last year, I went through a situation with my career which absolutely destroyed my confidence and also gave me anxiety (or made it worse, it was probably already there). I had lost faith in myself and so I decided that I needed to do some travelling on my own. I did it, and loved it and regained some of the confidence I had lost. I call this a massive win! I loved Thailand as a place and the tour was great. If you haven’t been, go. It is an amazing place.

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A girl moved in with me!

That’s right. I live with a real-life girl. She is pretty great, and she tells me I am too, so that’s pretty awesome…

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I got better at fencing

I am still absolutely loving fencing and getting better and better each time I go! Again old 2017 picture, but still the best picture!

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In summary

I did a lot, a lot of great things happened in 2018. I am really excited about next year. Sod brexit and everything that is happening in the batshit crazy “real world”. Get out there, have fun, make the most of it! Bring on 2019!

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