C++/UWP Tutorials – Introduction

As part of my own personal development plan one of the parts I want to continue getting better at is console development and also revise all my C++ development. One of the ways I can do that easily, whilst also share some tutorial posts is through UWP dev and C++.

Why UWP? In Lindsay Cox terms, I would say that UWP is like the gateway drug to console development. A bit more than XNA was back in the day. Why? Well it allows you to develop Xbox One Games in C++ and Direct X. Like the “big” boys.

Before I go on, I am a staunch believer in it DOESN’T MATTER HOW YOU MAKE VIDEO GAMES. If you use GameMaker, MonoGame, Unity, Unreal, Windows Forms, Pascal, whatever. So when I say “big boys”, I am being a little bit facetious. ┬áThis is another way to get games made.

So what are we gonna do? What is the end goal?

Back at Uni I was set the task of creating the above graphics demo. It is a little dated now, and the code is student level rushed, but I want to get something similar running on Xbox One.

Pretty cool.

Where do we start?

Well I am not going to go over the basics, Microsoft have done that for us. Before We get stuck into building our cool snow globe, first stop is here:


This is literally just to get familiarised with some concepts of UWP development. We will be starting from “scratch” later and the code will be on github.

See you soon!


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