Dev Log – 08/05/17

I have got back to the point I was at before my rewrite. I.e. I have a character moving around a screen, with levels being loaded from tiled. OK, I had done some stuff with the enemy AI before, but it hardly worked, so in reality I am back at the same point.

To get the levels loaded from Tiled, I followed a similar method to the one I detailed in a previous article, but instead of using 2D toolkit I am using Unity’s native 2D implementation. There is nothing wrong with 2D toolkit, but there is not a huge amount of benefit using it versus Unity’s stuff for this project.

There are two things I am looking at next including the AStar implementation (whether I write it myself or liberate something from the asset store) and how we can get a Unity game running inside WPF.


Design nailed down and a clean repo

So after X many years working on my hobby project in my free time, I have finally nailed down the design of what the overall goal is, what the player does and how the world is explored. Yes it has taken a long time, but this is something I have been working on at home, on top of my normal job with real life kicking in (have I told you that being a human being can suck?) and I wanted to get it right whilst also being something achievable.

With the game being a Stealth game, a combat game, a JPRG, a stealth-jrpg, a point and click stealth game and every combination of what I just listed, it means the repo and code base is a bit… lackluster. It has suffered code rot and is all very hacked together and prototypey. And my motto is, prototype code does not make it into production code. So that is waht i am doing. Starting from scratch. It sounds like a bigger undertaking than it actually is, it will probably take me one evening to get the “core tech” in.

I also realised that I have been neglecting my blog quite a lot and been saying I have been gonna do this tutorial, have a look at this shader, etc, etc. Like I said before, real life happens, so I am going to try and record it in a Tom Francis esque way (need to find a webcam from somewhere though) or at least document how I do things on the blog. Either way i will try and broadcast on twitch.

The game will be made using Unity and Tiled. I will be using Tiled in a similar way to the way I have written about previously, but instead of using 2D toolkit I will be using pure Unity 2D, which I have not used a lot so yeah! Let’s see how this goes!


The Laptop Saga

Back in Feb, I did a silly. I took my laptop to the pub in my nice PlayStation bag and I took my eye off it for a split second. Within moments, a gentleman helped himself to the bag and buggered off. Lukcily I was insured, so although I lost my nice Asus UX305, it wasn’t the end of the world. They couldn’t source another, so I got the money and looked for a new one.

I first replaced it with an HP x360. The laptop lasted a week. Seriously, this was quite frankly the WORST laptop I had ever had. The colours were washed out, the fan made an annoying buzz, the sound card cut out and for £550, it was quite frankly sub par. OK, I may have had a dodgy one, but type in x360 into google, and look at HP support forums, and you will get the idea, So that went back to the shop.

I had an old, not too bad Lenovo, so I grabbed a SSHD and put it in, to give the old girl a bit of life. It was not to be. Windows update… that’s right you ehard me WINDOWS UPDATE killed my pc. It did a very long update and then refused to boot. I put the old hdd in it and it did the same thing. Booo, although that Laptop was 6 years old and had done me well.

So finally I grabbed the Acer Swift 3. I have had it a grand total of a day and so far it is great (I really hope it doesn’t break down now). Nothing super powerful, but enough to make 2D games and stylized 3d games.

  • Core i3 6100U
  • 8GB Ram
  • 128GB SSD
  • Intel HD 520

The processor is a bit worse, but it does the job… and it was £150 less. So a bit of a saga, but hey, worked out in the end