Unreal Engine and Space JRPG

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This year I wanted to learn something new. I also wanted to work on a hobby project that other people cared about and get excited about, not just me, so I have been cocnepting a new idea for a “light” sapce jrpg. I think the idea is pretty cool… the amount of content required for it is quite scary, but you know CROSS THAT BRIDGE WHEN I COME TO IT I GUESS :/. Either way, I am using it as an opportunity to revise all my C++ and learn Unreal Engine. I am pretty good at the C# business and Unity, considering I have been using them for the best part of 6 years (commercially and not), and also learnt unity before it was cool.

Although JRPGs sound hard, the actual code and systems are not too bad, it is mostly balancing and creating nice tools to deal with it. Unreal Engine is a tool that is well used on a variety of sexy looking games and it is a gap ion my knowledge that I want to fill. I don’t want to say too much about what I am making yet until I have some viable gameplay, but as soon as I do you will hear it. I will say platform wise I am aiming at mobile as I reckon mobile premium is on the way back… I may be wrong, but hey! Also go p[lay Chaos Rings 3 on mobile, it is good!


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