The Laptop Saga

Back in Feb, I did a silly. I took my laptop to the pub in my nice PlayStation bag and I took my eye off it for a split second. Within moments, a gentleman helped himself to the bag and buggered off. Lukcily I was insured, so although I lost my nice Asus UX305, it wasn’t the end of the world. They couldn’t source another, so I got the money and looked for a new one.

I first replaced it with an HP x360. The laptop lasted a week. Seriously, this was quite frankly the WORST laptop I had ever had. The colours were washed out, the fan made an annoying buzz, the sound card cut out and for £550, it was quite frankly sub par. OK, I may have had a dodgy one, but type in x360 into google, and look at HP support forums, and you will get the idea, So that went back to the shop.

I had an old, not too bad Lenovo, so I grabbed a SSHD and put it in, to give the old girl a bit of life. It was not to be. Windows update… that’s right you ehard me WINDOWS UPDATE killed my pc. It did a very long update and then refused to boot. I put the old hdd in it and it did the same thing. Booo, although that Laptop was 6 years old and had done me well.

So finally I grabbed the Acer Swift 3. I have had it a grand total of a day and so far it is great (I really hope it doesn’t break down now). Nothing super powerful, but enough to make 2D games and stylized 3d games.

  • Core i3 6100U
  • 8GB Ram
  • 128GB SSD
  • Intel HD 520

The processor is a bit worse, but it does the job… and it was £150 less. So a bit of a saga, but hey, worked out in the end

New Game Dev PC


Unfortunately my little game dev pc (also dubbed as “the micorwave”) bit the dust this week. It had lasted 3 and a half years and had done me proud, but the motherboard ports all died on me at once. Nevermind. So I had to quickly rebuild. It is nothing special, but it will work nicely for what I want to do. I do want to replace the graphics card soon to a 1050Ti mini, but for now here are the specs:

  • Windows 10 64-bit
  • Intel Core i3 6320 (Skylake) @ 3.90GHz
  • 8GB DDR4 Ram
  • Radeon HD7790
  • 128GB SSD and a 1TB HDD

MGS V Chapter 3?!?!!?

Yup, this old thing seems to be showing it’s ugly face again.

Konami have recently announced they are doing a “Definitive Edition” for MGSV. Why is it a definitive edition. Because it contains Ground Zeroes, The Phantom Pain and the DLC all in one package. Why has it caused such an uproar? Because of the infamous Chapter 3.

If you read in my blog post when I finished V, I went on about the ending and that I understand why it got cut as a developer, but as a fan I was obviously disappointed. Instead of doing it though, a weird spin off called “Survive” is coming (the less said about that, the better), but that is a different story.

Of course the internet is the internet and people are annoyed, but I don’t think Konami handled it particularly well recently. Someone legitimately asked, OK, can you “finish” the game. It is widely known the game was “unfinished” with some major plat points left out and that Psycho Mantis’ and Eli’s storylines don’t get finished off. However, Konami have done the stupid thing and have denied that this happened.

OK, not denied, but it is political phrasing for “stop asking about it”.

Instead of talking about a weird money-grab spin off. why not just say “More will be known in the future”. Someone at Konami must be smart enough to realise that this is a blessing in disguise. They can make a WHOLE NEW Metal Gear Game that finishes off that arc that isn’t open world and feels more like 3.

Now, I’m hoping this is already happening, but by not letting people know at this point, they are just pushing their fans further and further away. And if they aren’t and they are just going to leave those plot holes open, well they are not going to get the fans back anyway, so really instead of slapping Metal Gear onto random zombie games they should just use the tech to make new games. And before you say “yeah but the fans are not a large number”, that game sold 6 million odd units and got 9/10 from a number of publications.

Food for thought