Unreal Engine and Space JRPG

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This year I wanted to learn something new. I also wanted to work on a hobby project that other people cared about and get excited about, not just me, so I have been cocnepting a new idea for a “light” sapce jrpg. I think the idea is pretty cool… the amount of content required for it is quite scary, but you know CROSS THAT BRIDGE WHEN I COME TO IT I GUESS :/. Either way, I am using it as an opportunity to revise all my C++ and learn Unreal Engine. I am pretty good at the C# business and Unity, considering I have been using them for the best part of 6 years (commercially and not), and also learnt unity before it was cool.

Although JRPGs sound hard, the actual code and systems are not too bad, it is mostly balancing and creating nice tools to deal with it. Unreal Engine is a tool that is well used on a variety of sexy looking games and it is a gap ion my knowledge that I want to fill. I don’t want to say too much about what I am making yet until I have some viable gameplay, but as soon as I do you will hear it. I will say platform wise I am aiming at mobile as I reckon mobile premium is on the way back… I may be wrong, but hey! Also go p[lay Chaos Rings 3 on mobile, it is good!

Dev Log – 08/05/17

I have got back to the point I was at before my rewrite. I.e. I have a character moving around a screen, with levels being loaded from tiled. OK, I had done some stuff with the enemy AI before, but it hardly worked, so in reality I am back at the same point.

To get the levels loaded from Tiled, I followed a similar method to the one I detailed in a previous article, but instead of using 2D toolkit I am using Unity’s native 2D implementation. There is nothing wrong with 2D toolkit, but there is not a huge amount of benefit using it versus Unity’s stuff for this project.

There are two things I am looking at next including the AStar implementation (whether I write it myself or liberate something from the asset store) and how we can get a Unity game running inside WPF.

Design nailed down and a clean repo

So after X many years working on my hobby project in my free time, I have finally nailed down the design of what the overall goal is, what the player does and how the world is explored. Yes it has taken a long time, but this is something I have been working on at home, on top of my normal job with real life kicking in (have I told you that being a human being can suck?) and I wanted to get it right whilst also being something achievable.

With the game being a Stealth game, a combat game, a JPRG, a stealth-jrpg, a point and click stealth game and every combination of what I just listed, it means the repo and code base is a bit… lackluster. It has suffered code rot and is all very hacked together and prototypey. And my motto is, prototype code does not make it into production code. So that is waht i am doing. Starting from scratch. It sounds like a bigger undertaking than it actually is, it will probably take me one evening to get the “core tech” in.

I also realised that I have been neglecting my blog quite a lot and been saying I have been gonna do this tutorial, have a look at this shader, etc, etc. Like I said before, real life happens, so I am going to try and record it in a Tom Francis esque way (need to find a webcam from somewhere though) or at least document how I do things on the blog. Either way i will try and broadcast on twitch.

The game will be made using Unity and Tiled. I will be using Tiled in a similar way to the way I have¬†written about previously, but instead of using 2D toolkit I will be using pure Unity 2D, which I have not used a lot so yeah! Let’s see how this goes!